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Do you dream of painting by the Mediterranean? We offer different painting vacations with amazing and experienced painters from Scandinavia. It's a perfect opportunity to gain inspiration and develop your painting skills in a unique and peaceful atmosphere. The lessons takes place in the mornings and the afternoons and during the course we will visit the villages, go on excursions and enjoy organic cuisine with local food made by our private chef. Join in and experience the magic of this painting workshop!


We invite you to a painting vacation with the visual artist Ingrid Thortveit. (b. 1986)  Thortveit is a figurative artist. After working abroad for 10 years as an artist, she now lives and work in Oslo. The artist has studied and taught at the figurative art school The Florence Academy of Art in Italy, among Europe's most prestigious art academies. Between a number of exhibitions and assignments in Norway, she has taught at Token Studio and LARA (London Atelier of Representative Art) in London. Thortveit teaches both portrait, landscape, nude and still life, with different materials, but mainly oil.

Ingrid will guide you through a number of different topics from The Florence Academy of Art. The course consists of 2 parts:
• Classic painting course in full figure with clothes
• A day of inspiring landscape painting in beautiful natural surroundings

The first day, the course leader starts with figure painting while students watch her painting. This is of great inspiration for her students.The students will paint according to photos that they bring with them. Ingrid also brings photos that the students can work from. The photos are portraits of people wearing a lot of clothes. We will give picturesque life to the photos and be inspired by artists such as John Singer Sargent and Anders Zorn. We work with three-dimensionality, how to simplify and bring out classic details with as few brushstrokes as possible.

• Do you dream of detaching yourself from detail piercing with a small brush?
• Maybe you are curious to learn some of the secrets of the old masters?
• Or maybe you want to learn and paint magical light in your pictures, like Rembrandt?Then this course is for you!

In this course part you will learn to give your painting large and vibrant brushstrokes, and also more detailed info in the right places. You learn more about skin tones, how the colours of the clothes will affect the skin tones, and how to manipulate them so that the focus is on the right places. We will also look at composition, denominations, planes, shapes, shadows and light. We use all possible colors and brush techniques when we work to bring out the right textile on the clothes; silk, velour, leather or fur. We come across a lot of theory on both body and portrait.
The course is based on the level of each individual,  both beginners and experienced are welcome.

One day we take our easels with us to paint in the beautiful Spanish surroundings, and feel how the landscape can also inspire your figure painting.Do you want to learn how to use a palette knife in the right places, and how? This will be a basic mini-course in how to paint landscapes, focusing on  composition, light / shadow, surfaces, colors in nature, color mixtures, etc.You learn how to get magical light in the landscape. How to bring out colors that are personal to us. We work with atmosphere and contrast to draw attention to the right places. We work with perspective and depth.

The course leader will  give constructive feedback to everyone during the week.


One of the days is set for excursion for those who want to explore this beautiful region. Or maybe just spend a relaxing day on one of the small Mediterranean beaches?

• Join us on an excursion to Granada and Alhambra. Starting off visiting Alhambra, the 13th century old palace and gardens are among the finest Islamic constructions in the world. Set on the footsteps of the Sierra Nevada peaks, it is a true jewel. Next up, we explore the old Arabic architecture and narrow streets of Granada (Albaicín), filled with tapas bars and Spanish/Moorish culture. Finishing off with a delicious lunch overlooking the beautiful views of Alhambra and the old city of Granada, it will leave you wanting to come back again and again.

• Price: 180€ per person, 10 hours, minimum 4 people.

• This is a guided hiking tour in the Alhama Natural Park, walking in spectacular landscape with breathtaking views along the way. Our end destination is a small, white village which is hidden in a valley on the other side of the mountain range. Here we enjoy a local meal made by the owners of the village. It is also a great chance to learn about the rich history of this secret village, especially during the Spanish Civil War.

• Price: 95€ per person, 4-5 hours duration, minimum 4 people.

The excursions are not included in the price and are paid separately upon registration.


9:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - 13:00 - Painting classes
13:30 - Lunch

15:30 - Painting classes
17:30- Free time
19:30 - Evening meal
22:30 - Bedtime


Peacefully located at the foot of the Teida and Alhama Mountains, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Finca Parrilla provides the perfect setting for tranquility. The Finca is a property, offering a combination of elegant accommodation and beautiful surroundings. It consists of two houses, lovely rooms, a swimming pool, yoga facilities and a small Maria Chapel for silence and meditation.
Finca Parrilla is surrounded by a large "Alhambra Garden" with small fountains, orange trees, apricots, mangoes, figs, olives and a small vineyard. The Finca has its own large swimming pool. A morning swim is fresh and gives a wonderful start to the day! The Finca is without TV, only surrounded by tranquility, fantastic views and nature.

The property has six large, airy bright bedrooms. These spacious rooms have four-poster beds, double beds or single beds in each room. Accommodation is based on two people sharing a room and two rooms sharing delicate bathrooms. We always have nice guests who are happy to share a room, if you are traveling alone.


• One full body picture of a person in clothing (the photo must be sent to course leader for approval in advance (
• Pre-drawn canvas for the figure painting (largest you get in your suitcase)
• Ev. pre-stretched canvas for landscape painting (optional size)
• Mini canvas for colour study (linen / cotton plate approx. 20x30cm)
• Medium and large brushes, long flats or filbert (size width 0.5 cm-2cm)
• Medium-sized pallet knife
• Paint (acrylic or oil, recommends oil) Raw umbra- Titanium white- Cadmium yellow- Ocher yellow- Cadmium red- Alizarin Crimson- Ultramarine blue- Viridian green- Black

• A white A4 sketch sheet
• Palette cup for linseed oil
• A pure wooden palette
• Soft charcoal pins (ex soft willow charcoal / B-Nitram charcoal)
• Pencil- Kneading rubber (type eraser)
• Light linseed oil
• Brush cleaner
• Pen and paper for notes
• Sun hat
• Suncream
• Pool towel


A culinary experience of Spanish cuisine!
Inspired by nature, our organic, plant-based cuisine is a highlight for our guests and a key component of our approach to health and wellness. With this in mind, our Spanish chef has developed Mediterranean specialties with ingredients from local organic producers in the area. Our chef has been working for us for several years and she is really passionate about vegetarian food. These healthy meals fuels your active days and builds a healthier mind and body. The menu is seasonal, combined with fruits and herbs from our own garden which is a great inspiration.



The Finca Parrilla rate includes 7 DAYS

Accommodation for each guest
Daily painting classes (morning and afternoon)
Plant-based meals designed to nourish & energise you during the week
• Village walk sightseeing and wine tasting
• Cleaning service

Pickup and return airport transfer to Malaga Airport (by predetermined arrival and departure)
Checkout at 10:00 AM
Free fast speed Wifi

(Not included in the price: Airline tickets, alcohol, excursions and one restaurant visit)